-w. meinte am 3. Jul, 11:33:
Dear Mr. Beckham
Hello again, and thank you for dropping by.

And thank you, too for presenting us with a drama worthy of William Shakespeare on Saturday. This was clearly more than just another football match and I have to admit I've seldom been more touched - but also impressed. You had it all: a truly fine collection of heroes distinctive in their individual virtues, fighting with lions' hearts for a noble cause but up not only against a mean enemy but unfortunately against your own dispirited and inferior leader (the one with the Swedish passport) as well.

As everyone who's ever seen a dramatic play knows, you could not have done anything differently. Unfortunately it had to end exactly how it ended. It had to in order to become the foundation for a happy ending everyone, including myself, erroneously hoped for prematurely. Never mind the naysayers and please do neglect my earlier suggestion for retirement. Great things are waiting to happen and I'm glad to say that they will be happening at the very place I'm writing this from.

The bad Swede is defeated, a battle is lost but it has only just started.

Yours sincerely,

The Dubya
neuro antwortete am 3. Jul, 11:39:
lol hallo again

VIDEO: David Beckham announces his retirement as England captain



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