terrorist meinte am 22. Nov, 01:10:
oder anders
"In any case," Junpei said, "you're an absolute idiot."

"I have to give you credit," Takatsuki said. "You're right on the mark. I don't deny it. I'm ruining my own life. But I'm telling you, Junpei, I couldn't help it. There was no way I could put a stop to it. I don't know any better than you do why it had to happen. It just happened. And, if not here and now, something like it would have happened sooner or later."

Junpei felt as if he had heard the same speech before. "Do you remember what you said to me the night that Sala was born? That Sayoko was the greatest woman in the world, that you could never find anyone to take her place."

"And it's still true. Nothing has changed where that's concerned. But that very fact can sometimes make things go bad."
neuro antwortete am 22. Nov, 11:33:
das war aber aus dem buch davor. 
blokend (Gast) antwortete am 22. Nov, 16:52:
ja, weil frueher was alles besser 
necbor (Gast) antwortete am 22. Nov, 16:55:
porno-schnitte im letzten bild 
neuro antwortete am 22. Nov, 21:44:
ich habe deine fixierung schon ziemlich früh erraten :/ 
neuro antwortete am 22. Nov, 21:45:
re früher war alles besser
perspektivensache, es war anders.
wobei ich immer die alten zeiten vermisse. manche dinge geschehen, damit man sie vermissen /nachtrauen kann.
glaub ich. ( momentzustand) 
oveings (Gast) antwortete am 23. Nov, 11:00:
philosophie is so, so ... passiv 
neuro antwortete am 23. Nov, 13:16:
passiv kann auch schön sein. 



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